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We will also make suggestions of possible service cost savings where we see ways for us to streamline your record keeping system, making it more effective.


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- Stephen Covey

It is essential to develop a strategy that will maintain your hard-earned business, safeguard your assets, lower your taxes and utilize the opportunity you have created. The ultimate result of good business strategy is a secure future for you and your family.


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- Benjamin Franklin

Almost without exception, a few questions to your CPA (and attorney) in planning a new business opportunity can avoid cleanup work later and save you time and taxes. This includes choice of entity, software and ownership structure.


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Effective CPAs know where their strengths are. Service firms, construction, retail and manufacturing are in our DNA. We also work closely with other trusted CPA firms in order to be able to refer services where your needs are better serviced. We will be very upfront if we are not a fit for your needs.